Huna: The strongest energy always wins. The old Kahunas (Masters) in Hawaii knew about this law of energy. They knew how to bring about desired changes in people who came to them by specifically directing the energies in the direction desired. They did not adhere to any specific technique. To them it was important that whatever they did worked.

In this sense:    If it works, it's Huna!

It is the expressed goal of Huna to align the Conscious and Unconscious mind, dissolve blocks and get the energy flowing.

Huna can help with:
Energizing/clearing/strengthening ourselves
Supporting any current therapies
Becoming (more) independant
Expanding our consciousness
Invigoration on all levels

I also enjoy giving energetic tips & tricks to support you on your path to independance.

Linguistics:  What do linguistics have to do with Huna? All changes take place on the unconscious level. Targeted linguistics (languaging) is a way to reach the unconscious. The Hawaiian Kahunas used special linguistic structures to transmit clear messages to the Unconscious. If the Unconscious understands these messages, it can allow desired changes to take place.
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