This CD contains chants, a chakra clearing meditation, and meditation/relaxation music with natural sounds underlaid with gentle piano sounds.

The chants derive from both the Hawaiian and Native American Indian traditions. The E Laka E Chant and the Dreamtime Chant are ancient Hawaiian chants that support our prosperity and general well-being with their sounds, words, and frequencies.

The Eagle Chant stems from the North American tradition and was "given" Christina in 2002. She employs both the Eagle Chant as well as various Hawaiian Chants in her workshops, in individual sessions and energetic clearings in order to facilitate frequency changes as well as support people's self-healing processes and support them in their spiritual growth.

Our bodies can be compared to a radio station. Depending on which frequency we are tuned to, we draw various experiences into our lives. If we change our frequency, our experiences change, as we now resonate differently. 

Like all else, our cells have their own special frequency and vibration. If we feel tired, sick, weakened etc, the frequency of our cells is lower than if we feel healthy and happy. In such a case it can feel really good for our bodies to listen to music such as the sounds on this CD, which can re-raise the frequency of our cells and thus re-strengthen the flow of our energy.

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