Energetic Office/Room/House Clearings

Our rooms, our houses, the land we live on also have their "stories," their "refuse."

This can have a very negative influence on us, starting from low energy levels, exhaustion, and general irritation all the way to heavy depressions, illness, even accidents.

Electrical wiring, computers, cell phones, etc can disturb our metabolism, which in turn can be very detrimental to our health and general well-being.

· Which rooms/areas support/weaken me?
· How are my living/sleeping spaces?
· How can the energy of my workplace better support me?
· Is there old "energetic refuse" "hanging around"?

Christina has the gift of being able to recognize such energetic problems and can transform the energies involved. As such, people can once again let their LIFE SPACES SUPPORT rather than hinder them.

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