"Know thyself" said Socrates.

Who am I?
Who are the others in my life?
These are questions we often ask ourselves.

In a Human Design Reading you can receive answers to these and many other questions.

Who am I? Who is my partner? Who are my children?
What is my personal decision-making strategy?
What am I here for?
How & where does my energy flow consistently?
What am I here to learn?
How can I best deal with stress and strain?
Can/should I set goals for myself?
To what extent am I here to do / to be?
Does it benefit me to work alone / with others?

I invite you to experiment with Human Design, to observe, delve into, discover your Design, your real self, those around you…. I invite you to recognize and LIVE your REAL SELF - and thus enjoy a truly fulfilled life.

Human Design
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